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MARPE has been in service for many years building a professional team in the electronic component domain.


Our team has a diversity of experience that is brought in our business. We know in depth the products and sellers that we work with and aim to provide an amazing experience for our customers.


The products that you can find on our website are usually shipped the same day when ordered. We have all kinds of electronics both active and passive.


We believe that with trust any partnership has potential. Being a leader in the electronic components distribution we’ve made sure that only the highest quality parts are sold by us.


Our services have been tailored through years of direct experience with different customers.

Technical Support

Choosing the best product is important for our customers. We will help you choose the right product from our network availability.


MARPE ensures that all customers get 100% Original products that are up-to-date and functional.

Bundle Options

We help customers to choose the right components for their needs. This is why we created a bundle option that customers can use to save money when buying in bulk.

Fast Shipping

With MARPE your order will reach you rapidly due to the global distribution network in place.

Inventory Management

We keep track of our entire components database. This helps us find what you need in no time.

Market Pricing

Our prices are constantly updated according to the market trends. You will always find the best deals with us.


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All products are shipped with factory traceability. Once we receive your requirements, our sales team will contact you as soon as possible.

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MARPE is always opened for any kind of proposals. If you want to get in touch with us regarding any inquiries, feel free to write us a message.

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